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Baby Registry Must-Nots

Grab our list of the Top 10 Things Every New Mom Registers For That Nobody Needs! This list was created by Megan, a mom of 8.

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Cloth Diapering Simplified

Think you're committed to cloth diapering but have no idea where to start or what you need? We have a crash course coming soon!

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Potty Train In A Week

Check out our highly anticipated potty training course that'll teach you how to equip your little one for life outside of diapers.

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Buying Baby Products With Intention and Purpose

Look, we're moms, too. We get it. We know how overwhelming it is to sift through products, brands, fibers, functionality, etc. We're constantly researching products before they hit the shelves in our flagship store: Colorado Baby. If it has shelf space in the store, then it has passed our approval. We are now passing on our findings to you, the researcher type, that geeks out on this info like us!

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Find Your Mom Community

Wouldn't it be great if you could find other like-minded moms that are stepping into this new world at the same time as you? Or perhaps find some moms that have forged the path ahead by a few years that you can learn from? We are building that community for you, one mom at a time.

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The content team here at Colorado Baby is made up of four moms with a combined experience of mom'ing for 35 years! Between the four of us we are currently raising 16 kids. That's a lot of times of being pregnant, having a baby shower, shopping for a new baby, giving birth, breastfeeding a baby, introducing solids, cloth diapering, potty training, and the list goes on. We've gained a lot of experience along the way and want to share it with you, our people, in a constantly growing academy of resources.

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